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Introducing Shawndra Kirkham

With over a decade of experience as both a sellers agent , and buyers agent, from all along the Wasatch Front, and Utah County to Davis County,  Shawndra Kirkham knows the Utah real estate market cold. Although She specializes in mId to High End properties, because of her referral relationship based business she loves to facilitate all listing and buyer types. Backed by Prudential Real Estate and member of the elite Joan Pate Team, Shawndra brings her experience to the synergy of a group that is like minded in commitment to excellence in service and knowledge.

Shawndra Kirkham excels at both Pricing and negotiation, ensuring you obtain the highest price possible. These are absolute must-have skills for anyone considering hiring a Realtor to represent them in the sale of their home.

For buyers, Shawndra is quick to understand the vision you have for your family. From the local schools, to the plans you have for backyard barbeque, she will help you find just the property that your family will make their home. Her extensive skills as a buyer’s agent ensure you will pay the RIGHT PRICE, your offer will be attractive to sellers, and a GOOD INVESTMENT for you.  An expert negotiator, Shawndra knows what to offer, and what to accept, repackage, or decline- and she is not afraid to go to bat for the interests of her clients.

Shawndra makes potentially stressful process of SELLING a home happen seamlessly.  Considering there are, on average, 34 different individuals who will work on a real estate transaction, some turbulence is bound to occur. Like a seasoned pilot, Shawndra keeps a cool head, navigating through rough spots, insuring the deal closes, as planned and on time.

From seasoned sellers, to first time homebuyers, investors and relocation clients, Shawndra is the agent you will want to make your agent for life.



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